Everyone Can Be a Stranger

In our society, there are different kinds of relationship; there are lovers, friends, peers, acquaintances, and so on. We classify each and everyonne of us. By this, I classified myself as a stranger. Why?

  According to Wiktionary:


stranger (plural strangers)

  1. A person whom one does not know; a person who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.
  2. An outsider or foreigner 
  3. A newcomer.
  4. (humorous) One who has not been seen for a long time.

Hello, stranger!




Old French estrangier (“foreign, alien”), from Latin extraneus (“foreign, external”) (whence also English estrange), from extra (“outside of”).


source: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/stranger


  I came from somewhere, and now on a place where someone know me not. But anyone can be a stranger.

  Strangers are often avoided, because we thought that they are bad (like what others said, “don’t talk to strangers”). This may be true on one perspective; but if we study further, we can say that not all strangers should be avoided. Basically, there are reasons behind these things. We should analyze to understand anything and everything.

My aim upon writing this topic is to share what I understand (not by myself, but with God’s help and mercy and guidance.) This also aims to do good to others, even to strangers. I did not wrote this so that anyone who could read this should do the same to me. I do not want anyone or everyone to believe in me, but we must believe to God, and His will to us… all of us.

Now, come to think of it: What if you are evicted by your parents or your relatives in your house, or you lost one because of a calamity that came to you; and even your neighbors can’t let you on their house for some reasons, where will you go? You will also be forced (by surrounding circumstances) to leave your place, and go to another to find shelter or transient. And as you knock on every door, will there be no one to let you in their house in kind, and have mercy on you? There are seven billion people on earth (and still counting). It is impossible that not even one person felt pity on one or more who needs help, even the unknown persons.

Also, there are those who are different to a society where he belongs. Different, in a sense that, what group do, he is exactly doing the opposite thing. He do good to someone accursed by the society, and so the same doubted and rejected him, thinking he is a bad guy also. If you are the one who can see him, and knowing that he needs help, won’t you lend your hand and help him? Won’t you feel the same way as he does to others?

We should understand first before we justify things. By this, we can decide if we shall avoid them or not. Much more if we understand God’s will for us. He teaches us to be kind to strangers, like what He told to the Israelites; for they were also became a stranger (Deuteronomy 10:19). Job, who was perfect and upright, opened his door to strangers (Job 31:32). Rahab, a harlot, let the spies lodge in her house (Joshua 2:1). And also a widow entertain Elijah in spite of their situation, and God blessed her (1 Kings 17:10-24).

Let us do good to everyone. God let strangers live, so we can do good to them. If there will be world without strangers (like others’ shirts tell), it may also become world without Christians. “For our citizenship is in heaven…” saint Paul said to Philippians (Philippians 3:20). And with God’s mercy, the King will say unto us, “…Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:…” (Matthew 25:34-35)

This topic that I made is, I know I didn’t thought it all by myself; but with God’s help I had wrote this for the benefit of us all. And so, I thank God for letting me understand these things… and it is through the teachings of Bro. Eli Soriano.

To God be the glory and honor forever!



About Strange Guy

The man whom anybody can or cannot have companion... a choice none can hinder.
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