The Possibility of an Existing Designer

See the possibility of an existing Designer.


A law does not determine the form and the being of a creature. It is the other way around. Laws are formulated by a designer, to preserve and discipline the existence, the movements, the symbiotic relationships, and survival of integral extant things.

Nature has laws, and laws did not create nature but the Creator of nature predetermined its laws.


For if you have been cut from what is by nature a wild olive tree, and grafted, contrary to nature, into a cultivated olive tree, how much more will these natural branches be grafted back into their own olive tree.

Scientific knowledge nowadays, have realized the potential harm that can be caused by harsh human intervention in nature. Notice the emphasis of these products on non-GMO, for example.


Dark Choco

The Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) has been writing about the dangers of GMO foods. (Ref:…

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