I Was Once a Victim of Bullying

These two consecutive nights I have watched episodes of a legal consultation, with wonderful dramatic reenactment of real-life problems of every letter-sender seeking legal advice. This, I can say, is a very good idea for through actors’ and actresses’ lively act we can see the side of consultants, and we can easily understand and relate to their problems as well.

Like last March 30 of this year, the topic or problem consulted to attorney is about bullying. I guess many victims of bullying (including myself) caught attention from a mom’s sorrow to her daughter’s condition after that incident. I relate verily because I was one of top ones in class, and there are those bullying me whenever I’d have my teachers’ appreciation… I guess. Same happened to Bessie according to that story.

I tried to be kind to my classmates, but bullies make me bad to them. Like Bessie, I know not why they’re doing that to me. Whenever they want to make trip to me, hurt me or however bad they are glad to do to me they do it. For no good reason I became a toy to bullies. Because of those harassment and maltreatment it drove me mad. I remembered one of them whom I stabbed a pen because of that. Luckily, we were put into guidance office (for if not, maybe I’d pinched his eyes as well… or worse). And what’s good about that? We became friends.

I myself am one of those bullied before, so I’m against it. I’m glad that recently a law was made against bullying (though it seems too late to us who lived before it was implemented in this country) for these next years bullies will be penalized for their crimes commited wherever they’d done it. It will reduce numbers of opressed children, students, citizens etc. most especially nowadays where netizens are quickly responding to every viral posts worldwide daily. (Fair justice is my point in this implementation and execution of the law, not vengeance)

If only I could meet those who bullied me in school, I will greet them once more and bless them. I will show them that I don’t keep that anger even years gone by. I’m going to show them how wonderful it is to live with fear in God… how lucky an opressed person is when God is with him.

I thank God that I knew his justice and righteousness before my world become in total darkness, before I’m about to be subdued by anger and hatred in my heart. I cannot imagine what will I be without knowing His love towards us. His love is the answer to our pain and sorrows. His words heals our broken spirit.

To those who practice bullying, think deep and try to imagine if you are on our shoes. Like what I’ve once read posted over facebook, the one you’re bullying might also have problems he/she is dealing with without you knowing it. It’s too late if one of those whom you quarreled (just because you felt ashamed or something that she/he don’t know) found dead because of your unhuman treatment. That guilty feeling is hard to bear, so stop bullying NOW!

To that program “Legally Yours, Atty. G”, it’s a big help to all Filipinos especially to them who have problems in legal aspect. May God guide you all, and may your program continue to help poor people and them who know not how to solve a problem.

To the actors and actresses, keep it all up with God’s help. May you continue to inspire more aspiring artists in that industry.

And also to the letter senders, especially to “Bessie’s” parents, God has mercy. He never fails whenever we need help. Have faith, and continue praying to Him.



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