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#TheTruthCaster #GoingDistancesForGod Even if it meant to be lifetime, or it took to be forever, let us go in a place where He said He will be. Advertisements

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I Was Once a Victim of Bullying

These two consecutive nights I have watched episodes of a legal consultation, with wonderful dramatic reenactment of real-life problems of every letter-sender seeking legal advice. This, I can say, is a very good idea for through actors’ and actresses’ lively … Continue reading

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La Gravedad Haciendo a Flotar los Secretos de la Iglesia de Cristo

Originally posted on Hermano Eliseo Soriano:
La gravedad atrae las cosas hacia el fondo, pero es maravilloso que la gravedad a través de la “ley de la gravedad” puede hacer que las cosas toman la dirección opuesta – en lo…

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#NoynoyparIn Initiated by @BroEliSoriano Breaks Record as Longest Trending Topic in PHL?

Originally posted on Under the Radar Stories:
As its foray as one of the top trending topics in Twitter enters fifth day, #NoynoyPaRin looked like it already broke new record as one of the longest-staying hashtag of Philippines Trends with socio-political theme and positive…

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The Possibility of an Existing Designer

Originally posted on esoriano:
A law does not determine the form and the being of a creature. It is the other way around. Laws are formulated by a designer, to preserve and discipline the existence, the movements, the symbiotic relationships,…

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Corruption in News Media and the Charge of Power-grab

Originally posted on Less Traveled Road:
By Jane Abao Manila, Philippines (9/24/2014) – Arrogance is defined in the dictionary as revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance. It can also mean displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or ability. When media does…

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New Truths Belie Evolution Even More

Originally posted on esoriano:
To belie is to fail to fulfill or justify a claim or expectation; to betray. What’s wrong with a purposeful start for man with a creator? Upon what principle is evolution based, that one should believe…

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